Ways to do United Flight Changes Online

The 24-hour flight change and cancellation policies of United Airlines are similar. If you purchased your ticket seven days or more before departure, you might change your booked tickets paying a cost for up to 24 hours after the initial booking. There may be some restrictions or different rules available for basic economic tickets.

United airlines changing fee

United Airlines’ Basic Economy Ticket Change Policy, You are not permitted to modify a Basic Economy ticket under United Airlines’ modification policy, not even during the allotted 24-hour period. To cancel within 24 hours and then purchase a new ticket would be the wisest course of action.

However, during the changed policy, the following classes are subject to the costs listed below:

  • If passengers in fare class make any changes to their flight tickets, a fee of $300 is assessed.
  • For refundable fares, domestic flights will be charged $200, and international flights $300.
  • For non-refundable fares, domestic flights cost $125, while international flights cost $150.

Conditions of the flight changing policy of United Airlines

The United Airlines flight change policy has very rigorous rules and conditions. For this reason, they only permit the following three adjustments to a ticket reservation:

Date change

After paying a fee of $75 per person, a traveller can only change the date of their flight ticket. Additionally, it would cost you roughly $200 per person to apply to have a non-refundable ticket converted to a refundable one.

Changes made in route and time

Under this scenario, you can qualify to make changes in the time and route of flight free of cost. But after 24 hours, a fine of $200 would be charged to travellers.

Stopover and open jaw policy

Under this policy, all changes are completely free up until the point at which visitors are permitted to book a ticket on United Airlines using more than one segment of an award ticket.

United Airlines ticket change application procedure

  • Access your account by logging in on United.com or the united app.
  • Click “My trips” then “Change flight.”
  • To change your itinerary to another, cheap tickets, click “Edit.”
  • After pressing the following button, you’ll be taken to eligible new flight selections. Your subsequent flight must depart no later than 24 hours before or after your initial journey and have the exact origin and destination.
  • United Airlines, controlled by United or United Express, with a ticket number starting with 016, are eligible for this option.
  • You’ll be responsible for paying the difference if your new flight is more expensive.

The best Airfare deal of this is its 24-hour risk-free changing policy for all fare classes on domestic and international flights. The change policy of this airline is also stringent, and they always focus on the basic norms and regulations.

Therefore, if you want to grasp current guidelines, contact the customer care service. There are various flight finder sites which provide correct information about the changed policy of United Airlines.


1. How to do United Flight Change Online?

You can get the help of the United Website for the Changes and Cancellation.

2. Are there any charges for doing changes in Tickets of United?

Yes, change and cancellation fee is applicable in both.

3. Are Travel Agencies are Also offering United Change Services?

Yes, you can get the change services from the travel agencies as well.