Consider Volaris Airlines Reservations For Mexico Vacations:

Ground Report of Volaris Airlines:

Ground Report of Volaris Airlines

Second Largest Flag Carrier of Mexico City, Volaris Airlines Reservations is thrifty from all angles for the travel of the United States and Mexico City. The Official Name of the Airline is Concesionaria Vuela Compañía de Aviación, S.A.B. de C.V. This is also another ultra- low-cost flag carrier for the travel goals. After the Aeromexico, Volaris is the second-largest airline of Mexico City. Volaris Airline was founded in the year 2004 but operations of the airline were not started in the same year. The flight services of the airline started in 2005. With the AOC Code of Z5XF131F Volaris Airline is working for the domestic and international flights for the United States and Canada.

Top Serving Airports
  • Mexico City International Airport
  • Tijuana International Airport (TIJ)
  • Cancun International Airport(CUN)
  • Mérida International Airport (MID)
  • Acapulco International Airport (ACA)
  • General Francisco Mujica Internationa
  • Guanajuato International Airport
Total Routes 370
Top Route Guadalajara to Cancún
Toll-free-number- 1(855) 865-2747

Volaris Airlines Headquarter

Headquarter of the Volaris Air is in Mexico City, Mexico. As we know, this is the major hub of the airline as well and that’s why airline situated headquarters in Mexico as well. Two Subsidiaries of Volaris Airlines are Volaris Costa Rica and Volaris El Salvador.

Volaris Airlines Alliance:

Passengers who want to precede destination with Volaris Airlines Booking should also know about the clear-facts of Alliance of Volaris. Therefore, Volaris is still not a member of any leading or top airline alliance of the world such as Star or SkyTeam. Volaris Airline has the codeshare agreement with two airlines Condor and Frontier Airlines.

Volaris Air Has 3 Main Hubs and 5 Focus Cities:

Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tijuana are the three main hubs of the Volaris Airlines Flights. Hubs have vital importance for any airline because while choosing hubs for the destination travel passengers can grab a huge discount. Therefore, if you want to book tickets for Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tijuana in affordable pricing then you must consider only Volaris Airlines Flights Booking.

Focus Cities of Volaris Airlines:

Volaris Airlines also have the 5 Additional Focus Cities for the Fleet Operations. Here is the List of Volaris Focus Cities.

  • Cancún
  • León
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Monterrey

Frequent Flyer Program of Volaris Airlines:

With the joining of Volaris VClub, Passengers can avail of the super exclusive Volaris Airlines Flights Deals. Not only has this but members also got the advantages of baggage and vacation packages. The membership of VClub Based on two basic advantages and these are Individual Membership and Group Membership. In the Individual Membership, you have to pay the charges monthly and in the Group Membership of VClub, you have to pay yearly chares. Volaris Airline also provides the feature of the $9 Fare Club just like the Spirit Airlines.

Fleet Size and Destinations Served by Volaris Airlines:

With the 79 Numbers of Fleet Size, Volaris Secured 2nd Rank in the Mexico City in the ranking of Largest Flag Carrier. The destinations of the Volaris Flights are also listed on the Volaris Airlines Official Site. For your kind information, we must tell you Volaris Air is serving around 66 destinations. Parent Company of Volaris is Vuela Compañia de Aviación and Volaris Air is Traded as BMV: VOLAR. This is also the major fact that Volaris Airline is the First North American Airline working with the airbus of A320neo from September 2016.

Volaris Airlines Fleet Information (Aircraft):

Airbus A319-100 Airbus A320-200
Airbus A320neo Airbus A321-200
Airbus A321neo 6

Crew Basis Airports of Volaris Airlines:

Cancún Culiacán
Guadalajara León/Del Bajío
Mexico City Monterrey

Volaris Airlines Baggage Fee:

Inspection of Volaris Airlines Baggage Fee

In Volaris Flights each passenger is allowed to carry one carryon bag and one personal item without paying any cost. However, both items must not exceed than 15 lbs and dimensions must not exceed than 41.2 Inches. Purse, backpack, briefcase, or laptop case is included in the personal item. Passengers are allowed to carry One Checked Bag with the weight limit of 55 lbs and maximum dimensions of 62 inches.

Volaris Airlines Pet Policy:

Inspection Of Volaris Airlines Pet Policy

Total counts of 7 Pets as checked baggage and 2 pets in the cabin of Volaris Flights are allowed in the Pet Policy of Volaris Airlines. Only small pets are allowed like dogs, cats and household birds. Your pet carrier weight must not exceed than 22 lbs and each passenger is allowed to carry 1 pet carrier in the airline. Pet carrier dimensions must not exceed than 17” L x 12” W x 7” H (43 cm x 30 cm x 17 cm).

Volaris Airlines Cabin Travel Class:

If you are seeking Business Class or First Class Booking with the Volaris Airlines Reservations then you may not get success in your objective because Volaris have not any different class and it is working on the principle of single class. You can purchase the food and drinks while traveling in Volaris before boarding because airline does not provide any kind of complimentary meals or drinks on its flights.

How to Check Volaris Airlines Flight Status?

If you are thinking to check the Volaris Airlines Flight Status then you should know about the process to check the airline status. By checking the flight status, you can view the information of flight departure or arrival. You can plan the journey as per the flight status of Volaris Airlines Booking . You can just visit on the Volaris Airlines Official Site to check the flight status and enter the reservations number and travel date to check the flight status of the airline.

Use Departure and Arrival Airport Code for Flight Status:

By using the departure and arrival airport code, you can also check the flight status of the Volaris Airlines Flight Tickets. Volaris Flight Status can check at the official site and the mobile site of the airline. Cheap Tickets for the Mexico Travel are possible for the passengers when they visit on the Volaris Airlines Official Site for the booking goals.


1. Where to Book Cheap Volaris Airlines Reservations?

Volaris Airlines Official Site is providing great deals with the VClubs Membership to passengers.

2. Can we book Volaris Airlines Last Minute Flights?

Yes, you can book Last Minute Volaris Airlines Flights from the Website or Airfare Agencies but Lowest Price is not guaranteed always.

3. Which is the cheapest day to book Volaris Flights?

You can consider Wednesday for the Volaris Airlines Booking

4. Are Pets Allowed in Volaris Flights?

Pets can travel in the Volaris Airlines by following the rules and terms

5. What are the top destinations for travel with Volaris Airlines Flights Reservations?

Mexico City and Guadalajara are the top destinations to travel with Volaris Flights.