Air Canada Flight Sale for Reservations

Air Canada is one of the largest airlines in Canada in terms of size and passengers carried. The airline serves over 222 destinations all over the world. Hence if you are planning your winter vacation with cheap airplane tickets, Air Canada is an ideal choice. Besides the best airfare deals, there are various perks of flying with Air Canada. Let's straightaway dive into the article and discuss whether Air Canada is worth the money.

Reasons to fly with Air Canada

Some specific reasons make Air Canada worth the money.

  • Air Canada allows you to book flights on their site. Besides this, you can also book package deals on vacations with Air Canada vacations. Hence in this way, the airline offers discount. Various flight finder apps will give you a rough idea of the price of tickets.
  • The airline also allows guests to check bags between all classes. These means one in Standard Economy and above and two sacks in Latitude Economy and above. In case of additional loads, they'll charge $100 per bag.
  • Air Canada also features an air miles program known as aero plan. Through this program, one can earn the best flight deals. The program is used along with their in-house rewards program, Altitude.

Fare classes of Air Canada

Below is a list of some classes of Air Canada.

Economy Class:

  • The Economy class of Air Canada is standard. Their older planes have been recently renovated and retrofitted, making AC's Economy seating more ideal.
  • Most of their large planes provide audio-video-on-demand devices essential for the entertainment of their passengers.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are served, which are complimentary on all flights.
  • International flights provide food and alcoholic beverages on the house through the Air Canada lounge.

Premium Economy:

  • In Premium economy, the seats are larger with cushion chairs and a little more legroom.
  • The seats are generally present toward the front of the cabin, usually behind First Class.
  • Guests of Premium Economy also participate in the exceptional service given to First Class and a few extra perks.

Business Class:

Business Class of Air Canada is one of the most premium options available on national and short-haul flights. The business class is very similar to the quality of service you'll find in Signature. However, you will also get exclusive access to the Maple Leaf Lounges. These lounges serve 23 different locations worldwide.

Best time to book Air Canada Flights

Most of you might need to be made aware that Air Canada offers discounted flights on specific weekdays. Below are some tips that will help you know which days are the cheapest to fly with Air Canada and how to get cheap tickets.

Make sure to book a flight in advance to get a hold of best discounts. You can also compare fares on multiple sites and choose the one that is best for you. Considering the perks and benefits offered by Air Canada, it can be concluded that it is definitely worth the money.