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Air France Airlines Refund Policy

France Airlines is a subsidiary of the Air France Group and a popular flag carrier of France. The airline offers services on 36 domestic destinations in 93 countries across six continents. France Airlines is an excellent choice for getting affordable airplane tickets if you have planned or are planning a winter vacation trip. Make sure that you make a reservation in advance to get hold of cheap tickets. The airline has a flexible refund and cancellation policy besides offering some of the best discounts.

France Airlines Cancellation Policy

One of the easiest ways to cancel an Air France flight is via online procedure. For this,

  • First, head to the My Bookings page on the Air France website.
  • You need to sign in, for which you need the lead passenger's surname and your booking reference.
  • Do not worry; you will find this on your confirmation email or e-ticket.
  • After the above step, you can see your options for amending or cancelling your flights and any fees or charges.

If you want to cancel the ticket by phone, you can call Air France customer services at +33 9 69 39 36 54 and tell them about the cancellation.

  • Customer service is available between 8 am and 8 pm every day.
  • For your convenience, both English and French-speaking customer services staff are available.
  • However, you must be aware that extra service fees can be applied for changing bookings over the phone rather than online.

If you cancel your tickets less than 24 hours after booking, you can try enquiring with Air France customer services or take a look at your options in My Bookings. The airline might charge some service fees if you amend or cancel flight. This is going to depend on how you made the change to your booking. However, no service fee is charged if you cancel online or at the airport before your flight.

Refund Policy

If you want a refund from the airline, you can request and apply for a travel voucher or cash repayment through online means. Your cancelled tickets must be refundable if you are willing to choose a refund in the form of cash. In the case of non-refundable tickets, you are only entitled to choose a travel voucher that has to be redeemed within the validity period. In the case of group tickets, they are exempted from such policy.

To receive the refund, you must provide the necessary documents that show that you have paid for the ticket, such as the invoice or the credit card. If the person fails to collect the refund due to unavoidable situations, the refund will be issued to an immediate family member.

Therefore, the refund and cancellation policy of France Airlines is flexible and ensures the convenience of the customers. Various sites can help you search for the best flight deals. Always make sure to compare the price across multiple sites so that you choose cheap airline reservations.


Who can receive a refund from Air France Airlines?

Since you have purchased the ticket, you are eligible to receive a refund. To receive the refund, you must provide necessary documents confirming that you have paid for the ticket such as an invoice or credit card. However, if the person who paid for the ticket couldn’t collect a refund due to sickness or death, the refund will be issued to an immediate family member, after providing a death certificate or medical certificate.

How can I cancel a flight ticket with Air France Airlines?

If you wish to cancel the flight ticket, you may call the Air France Airlines customer care office and inform them about the cancellation. You can also visit the official website of the airlines and cancel your flight ticket.

Where can I request a refund? By when can I expect it?

To request a refund, you can visit the official website of Air France Airlines and fill out the refund request form. The airline will process your refund within 7 business days.

Will I get any compensation if my flight gets delayed by more than 4 hours?

If your flight gets delayed by more than 4 hours, you are entitled to get a refund. To know more about the same, you can call customer care support about the compensation.

Is my flight refundable?

Although such information is mentioned on the ticket, you can check if your flight is refundable by visiting the official website of the airline and entering the ticket or document number. It will display refund eligibility and information.