Air Traveling to these cities around the world can cost you thousands

Air Traveling to these cities around the world can cost you thousands

Some destinations require you to purchase a pricey flight ticket to get there and back, especially if you travel first class. Since these flights are often pricey, keep your finances in order. Please be aware that airfare costs fluctuate, so actual costs can differ while you book. Making Delta airline reservations could be a great option as they provide flash deals on their website whereas choosing the Southwest way of booking tickets on low fare finder could be another great tactic to reach your desired location. Ideally, when you use a flight finder, you may get to know which airlines and websites are inexpensive compared to others. However, you would be surprised to know that no matter what, few of the destinations are almost always going to cost you dollars and more.


Dubai is the costliest city on this globe. If you decide to fly with Emirates, the cost of your flight from the City of Angels to the City of Gold will be quite high. The cost of a first-class ticket from Hollywood to Dubai is roughly $36,000. The 16-hour direct flight includes flat-lying mattress mattresses, luxury cabins, and even in-flight spa services. Given that this is one of the longest nonstop flights in the world, passengers are appreciative of these conveniences.

New York

Jet set guests traveling on Cathay Pacific's Boeing 777-300ER on the 14-hour connection from Hong Kong to JFK in New York are treated to an award-winning first-class service that utilizes a distinctive 1-1-1 configuration across three rows. Due to the spacious cabin design, passengers are free to relax on their wide beds and flat-screen TVs as the cabin crew serves the carrier's signature buffet of Hong Kong delicacies, an extensive list of international wines, and caviar breakfasts. The only plane ticket price of $26,572 is all that!


Passengers flying on Singapore Airlines from New York to Singapore may now experience their brand-new first-class suites for a staggering $14,000 or more. Instead of those worn-out reclining booth chairs, these babies are the genuine deal, with sliding cabin doors that enclose passengers in their chamber, replete with a stand-alone bed, dining table, and 23-inch LCD entertainment system. There is also, of course, a full-fledged gourmet meal service as well as an incredible wine list.


If you are someone whose next vacation plan is to visit Paris, the dreamy city, why not go to the Delta airline flights website and directly book a premium cabin class which is known as Delta One. Surely, you have to pay a whopping amount of $7395 to $9285 from Washington DC to Paris. Remember that this fare is a one-way fare. Further, you may also travel to Paris in the same class if your origin airport is Miami. However, note that here you have to buy tickets for a heavy price of $8355. On your plane, however, larger personal screens provide entertainment for improved onboard service. In-seat power connections are also available if you want to charge your gadgets while you are on air.


London, the capital of the United Kingdom is very famous for Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, and Natural History Museum. For a refundable upper class, if you choose to fly from Atlanta to London, you may get tickets for $7060 one-way. Although you may find this a bit high, for your convenience, we are also mentioning the cheap delta flights option of the basic economy which is as low as $1070 one way.


At the northern end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland is the city of Zurich, a major hub for banking and finance. You should do a flight search on different search engines to gather information on the exact cost to this location. However, a flight from Orlando to Zurich may range between $810 to $1100 for basic economy. Further, if you take a First-Class cabin from United Airlines, you can get it starting from $7000. Also, if you wish to fly from Los Angeles, British Airways provide a flight for $5974.


If you are planning to visit Tokyo from the USA, you may take a flight from LOS Angeles which may cost you flight tickets $4042 in the Delta's most premium cabin class which is also known as Delta One. Furthermore, when we talk about this airline, you should know that it is very easy to make Delta airlines bookings, and also you may have to pay thousands of Dollars while visiting Tokyo. Nonetheless, you will get all the amazing amenities on board which is a one-in-a-lifetime experience to avail.

Bottom Lines:

There are numerous websites from where on particular days the price may get less, especially if flight deals are flashing on. The fluctuations of airfare are always going to occur no matter whichever month you choose to fly to. If you are someone who won't mind spending enough on-air tickets, we recommend you to try flying to these cities mentioned above for a memorable experience.