How to Transfer Korean Air Miles on Delta?


Are you a member of Korean Air frequent flyer program? How to transfer Korean Air Miles on Delta? Many flyers are looking to know the right information on this topic because they actually want to transfer their Korean Air Miles to purchase the tickets of delta. As we know, delta is the major airline of the United States and this airline is popular for travel in overall world. Delta and Korean both are the member of SkyTeam Airline Alliance. Some flyers are thinking that they can transfer the Korean Air miles for Delta Booking but the reality is different. It is true that delta is the member of SkyTeam Alliance but you can’t transfer the miles of Korean Air into the delta airlines. There are no rules and terms about the miles transfer from one frequent flyer program to another.

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If still, you want to ask any kind of queries or you have questions in your mind then you can also get the help of Delta Airlines Customer Service because this customer service is the helpline of the delta airlines customer service representative and from these services you can ensure the travel booking hassle-free.