10 International Airlines Flying to the United States

When planning a trip, especially an international one, the first thing you check for is which airline you want to go with. When flying long distances, comfort is paramount. All you want to do is book flights with one of the world's best airlines. But what makes it one of the world's top airlines? It's not just a matter of convenience. It combines convenience, price range, punctuality, services provided, and the number of destinations it serves. Long-distance international air travel is ready to take off, and your choice of airline is more important than ever.

With the United States removing barriers to cross-border travel, long-distance international air travel is ready to take off, and your choice of airline is more important than ever. The top international airlines on this guide listed this year were chosen for doing it right in every category, from creature comforts to health and safety, all of which are important as you navigate the new laws of flying. Airlines strive to be crowned the greatest so here are some of the top 10 international airlines flying to the US.

Etihad Airways:


The Gulf state line earns great reviews for its business class goods, even if you can't afford its famed flying apartment, an ultra-luxe three-room suite with stratospheric airfare to match. Etihad Airways runs a fleet of wide-body jets from Abu Dhabi to destinations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The airline also caters to those in the back, with a dedicated team of flying nannies on hand to entertain children with toys and magic acts, while adults throughout the plane feast on multi-course meals and sip excellent wine.

Virgin Atlantic:


Virgin Atlantic has been enticing visitors with luxuries like in-flight manicures and cocktail lounges, as well as cutting-edge seat-back entertainment since Richard Branson started the maverick carrier over 40 years ago. Readers also laud its premium economy section, which includes amenities such as hot towels and a welcome drink, as well as its legendary Upper Class, which includes flatbeds entirely. This year, the airline will be more prominent in the United States, as it is reinstating six U.S. routes that were suspended at the outset of the coronavirus crisis, and thanks to its tight relationship with Delta, it has access to a massive domestic network.



Swiss, part of the Lufthansa family together with Austrian and Brussels, flies from its Zurich hub to Chicago, Miami, and New York and will shortly restart flights from Geneva to New York. Like its native nation, the airline is noted for its attention to detail and high service standards. Recent modifications have won over the road to its business class product, including flatbeds. Swiss receives the top ratings for cabin service.

Turkish Airlines:


Turkey's flagship airline now has the digs to match its ambitions to become the preferred connecting gateway for transatlantic travelers. The Turkish Airline is praised for its famous stopover program in the capital, where passengers may use vouchers for four or five-star hotels on their way to hundreds of destinations around Europe and Asia. It's great meals, comfortable seating, and readers have also praised attentive in-flight service.

Singapore Airlines:


Singapore Airlines is notorious for breaking records, from dominating Readers' Choice Awards for more than three decades to winning the world's longest flight, a 19-hour nonstop journey from New York to Changi Airport through its fleet of all-premium Airbus A350s. Now that service on that and other long-distance routes has resumed, passengers will be able to enjoy what has made this airline a perennial favorite, such as industry-leading seat comfort, in-flight service, and reliability. It's also praised for consistently improving its product across the board, including a farm-to-table catering program and a health program.

Southwest Airlines:


Southwest is popular among passengers because it includes numerous benefits with your economy class ticket, including two free checked bags and free flight changes up to 10 minutes before departure. Basic Wi-Fi connectivity for messaging and email is available on all planes for no charge, or you can pay a little more for full internet access. If you don't travel internationally much, the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program is a good option for domestic travel. You earn a free round-trip flight for every eight trips you take. Compared to other airline reward systems, reaching premier-level tiers is also rather simple.



The Australian flag airline earned itself by pioneering ultra-long-distance flights, right behind business class which is especially popular with long-haul fliers. With the world's largest plane, the Airbus A380 launched one of the world's longest nonstops, the roughly 17-hour journey from Dallas to Sydney. While those and other transpacific flights have been suspended since spring 2020, passengers are looking forward to returning Qantas' signature services later in 2021, including quality food and fine Australian wines, as well as a small premium economy section tucked away on the A380's upper deck.

British Airways:


From its Heathrow hub, British Airways continues to serve a global network of long-distance routes, with more than 160 destinations on six continents, mainly to the U.S. As travelers return to the United Kingdom, they will notice something that sets the British flag carrier apart. Its well-appointed airport lounges, loyalty program, and upgraded premium economy cabin all receive high praise from international travelers. Because it's one of the occasional airlines that still offer a true first-class cabin, passengers at the front of the plane can expect a pleasant night's sleep, thanks to broader, pricier flatbed seats and custom bedding.

EVA Air:


Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Eva Air is noted for providing excellent service, cheerful flight attendants, and, probably most notably, its bright Hello Kitty planes, which are a common sight at airports around the world. Eva is praised for its inexpensive and roomy premium economy cabin, which was one of the industry's first and its comfortable lie-flat business class mattresses. And you won't go hungry, no matter where you sit.

Cathay Pacific Airways:


Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong-based airline that serves over 200 destinations worldwide. Its fleet of roughly 200 aircraft spans Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Like most airlines these days, Cathay Pacific makes offers on miles and customer loyalty. Because Hong Kong is also a hub for the airline, most foreign flights have a layover there. Cathay Pacific is also a top long-haul airline in Asia. Cathay Pacific provides various business class options to learn more in your comprehensive guide to Cathay Pacific routes in the United States.

Bottom Line:

Finally, all of these aspects must be considered, particularly when using your hard-earned points and miles. You now have a list of the world's top 10 international flying to the United States. Good luck with your vacation plans and reservations.