List of best islands in the world

Islands are a Paradise on the earth. You can relax under the palm and look at the blue sea. The island's beauty is defined by the sea surrounding it, along with other features like luxuriant jungles and soft peaks.

Planning a trip to an island is always worth the investment. Below we will discuss the best islands in the world.

The Maldives


The Maldives is the tropical destination in the world. The island is dense with megawatt luxury villas and overwater bungalows. The diving experience in the Maldives is unreal. One can also take a helicopter tour of the Maldives. It will give a panoramic view of sandbars, turquoise blue lagoon, and the islands. The best month to fly to the Maldives is July as the flight tickets are cheap. One can search for fair airfare deals a few months before their trip to the Maldives. Therefore, it is worth going to this destination. It is stunning, unique and offers good services.

Bali, Indonesia


Bali is one of the best islands on the planet that offers a combination of surfing, spirituality, and sun-kissed pleasure. One can go to Mount Batur and go hiking on the slopes. It is a splendid cycling site. The sunrise at the peak of Mount Batur is splendid. The Nyang Nyang beach is filled with white sands and greenery-lined cliffs. The absence of the crowd makes this island more astonishing. You can also experience the island's most photogenic fall, Tugad Chepung Waterfall. It is better to arrive in mid to late morning for less crowd. October is the best time to travel to Bali as it is considered the end of the peak season in Bali. The flight tickets are cheaper. Singapore Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines are some airlines that fly to Bali directly. A 6-10 days trip is best to enjoy your vacation.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia


The island is shaped like a giant sombrero. This lush volcanic island is the best island in the South Pacific. This tropical forest's best asset and attraction is the turquoise-colored lagoon. Fish, turtles, and sharks swim in the transparent water. Diving and snorkeling are the best activities to do in the surrounding reefs. One can also have a thrilling hiking experience through the palm-studded forests. The Matira beach is splendid. You can chill at the beach and enjoy the beach life. One of the best things to do is take a helicopter ride to get an overall aerial view of the island. You can see the turquoise water and aerial view of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. The best month to visit Bora Bora in November and April. These seasons offer fine weather conditions. The best travel deals are provided between May and October.

Palawan, Philippines


Palawan Philippines is a paradise for tourists. The island stretches Southwest to Borneo. The island has lush limestone peaks rising from the clear seas. The water is so clear that fish from above the sea can be seen. The island provides some of the best diving experienexperiencesworld which remains memorable. Other attractions include the island's unique wildlife, an emerald lake, and quaint fishing villages. Coron is home to plush resorts. El Nido drips one of the most enchanting islands. You can go around the Bacuit archipelago, which is splendid. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a unique limestone cave system with a long underground river. November to May is the best season to visit Palawan. January is the cheapest month to fly to Palawan as the airlines provide cheap flights. To avail of the best airfare deals, regularly look at the tickets.

Hvar, Croatia


The island of Hvar is the sunniest spot in Croatia, with warm summers and mild winters. There are over 2800 hours of sunshine annually. The island is famous for its beach life and turquoise water. One can also do a slow uphill climb to Tvrdava Fortica. The fortress is located on the southern island and gives the best view. You can visit the island in early summer to see the fields of lavender in full bloom. One can enjoy everything on this island, from hiking to water sports. The best time to visit Hvar is from July to August.

The flight tickets are also relatively cheaper as compared to other months. A trip of 2-3 days is enough to enjoy all the features of this island.

Santorini, Greece


The island was formed by a volcanic eruption which enhances its beauty and makes it different from other islands. The island's cliffside, along with whitewashed buildings, is known throughout the world. One can visit the impressive art gallery and famous microbrewery during the day. Before enjoying the night scenery, you must see the glowing sunset. The best way to spend the night is by indulging in the delicious cuisine with fine wine and looking at the lagoon. If you want to enjoy hot perfect sunny days, then the best time to visit Santorini is between June and September. The cheapest month to book a flight to Santorini in October.

Corfu, Greece


Corfu island is the best island which blends the cultures and adds a distinct charm to the island. The island is characterized by remarkable architecture, fortresses, churches, and temples. Some of the landscape of Corfu is dominated by rugged mountains and are perfect for people who love hikes and walks. Be sure to visit Canal D’Amour beach to experience the mineral-rich mud. The beach is a splendid location to visit. Corfu has a Mediterranean climate. To enjoy the Sun, June and August is the best time to visit the island. According to Skyscanner, the best months to get fare travel deals to Corfu are October, November, and September.

Sicily, Italy


The island features the tallest active volcano, Mount Etna of Europe, and is a famous tourist spot. One can go for water activities and hiking. The island is also famous for bird watching.

Sicily has its specialty in food. The Mediterranean's largest island is going to be the best vacation spot. The island is also known for its history, architecture, and art displayed around every corner. March through June and October are ideal for flying to Sicily. At this time of the month, the crowd is less, lots of festivals are held, and the temperature is mild. These months are also ideal for booking flights at a lower price.


The island is very popular for surfing, sailing, snorkeling, and more. Besides this, the historical sites are worth watching. The island has many architectural monuments and some old structures of the world. The fortresses and the megalithic are some of the most interesting things to see. You will love the beach and the scenery. But the rich history of Malta makes it one of the best islands for vacation. May, September, and October are the best times to visit Malta as the temperature is warm and the crowd is low. The month of June provides the best airfare deals to Malta.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas has more than 700 islands and 2400 cays, making it a popular destination. Each island has its characteristics. The island provides a variety of water sports. Grand Bahama and Paradise Island are the most popular islands. You can enjoy Caribbean Beauty on the pink sand beach and swim with the dolphins in the Blue Lagoon. The best time to visit the Bahamas is in November or late April when it has fine weather and fewer crowds. The cheap flights to the Bahamas are available in August. Therefore, these were the names of the best islands in the world.

Compare the travel deals as well and which island provides a cheap flight. Try to go in the month convenient to you in all respects. All the best for your trip.