Ethiopian airlines tarmac delay and contingency plan

Ethiopian airlines tarmac delay and contingency plan

Ethiopian Airlines is one of the best carrier airlines in Ethiopia which serves a lot of domestic and international flights.

In case we want to cancel your Ethiopian Airlines flight before starting the happening it is suggested to get data related to Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy.

Cancellation 24 hours Policy

It is to pay attention to the requirements and the position of the passengers; Ethiopian Airlines comes up with the 24 hours cancellation policy. It offers elasticity and advantages to passengers when it comes to booking their tickets.

As per their Cancellation policy, the passengers should cancel a flight that they have booked within 24 hours of ticket purchase. Then Ethiopian Airlines offers a complete refund airline with your cost of the ticket but if the booking is of a week prior then the Ethiopian airlines have full rights to change.

Cancellation Policy

Ethiopian Airlines always work within the comfort zone of the passengers they offer Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellations without any hassle. Even the passengers have the facility to go for the refund online just with little formality of filling the refund request form on the official site of Ethiopian Airlines i.e., site It is to note that the airlines give a refund to eligible Ethiopian Airlines flight tickets taking care that they have been canceled in the given period. They don’t give a refund if the ticket has expired. The processing can take some time around 7-10 working days. There is one more possibility that in case of the cancellation is done from the Ethiopian airline's side because of some unavoidable circumstances then they provide the compensation so that they can opt for the other flight. Thus, one need not worry much about cancellation and the refund process as it is very clear and transparent with Ethiopian airlines.

The cancellation fee which is charged is between $100 to $500 which is applicable if the passenger has canceled the ticket after 24 hours of booking. If the cancellation is within 24 hours, then the fee ranges from $100 to $400.

For any kind of Ethiopian airlines lost and found contact number you can contact them on this number At Washington D.C: 1 800-445 2733

Ethiopian airlines change flight penalty

There is a great facility with Ethiopian Airlines where they are permitting their customers to change their reservations if any emergencies even after checking in online i.e., Ethiopian airlines change flight penalty. But for this, they are going to charge a penalty. This means that passengers of the Ethiopian are allowed to change the flight details i.e., its date and name, giving a great relaxation to the customers. To do this there are two conditions which are governed, number one is that all this has to be performed at the Ethiopian company's reservation center, and can be done a day before the scheduled trip.

But to be very true most airlines don’t want that the passengers should opt for changing their tickets as it creates a lot of effort. One should be very much aware of the fact that the reduced prices are offered with restrictive conditions and thus in case of change, it creates inconvenience as lower the fare more of restrictions included. Thus, it’s difficult to change discounted tickets.

Thus, please note that in case of change Ethiopian airlines charge a processing fee of € 30 as a penalty. For more details, look to the official site.

Rules and Regulations for Refunds

  • Make a note that all the information should be filled in properly in the form.
  • If case of refund after the flight date, then you make a note that the NO SHOW fee which is additional will be applied. This is one of the Ethiopian airline's rules and regulations.
  • As there is a cue in refund requests due to COVID-19, the process of refund process can take up to three to four weeks.
  • It is important to contact the respective office which is assigned to refund the request in the same manner as we contact the travel agent.
  • To book the tickets you need to pay in cash or with a bank deposit thus just contact the nearby Ethiopian Ticket office.
  • If there is a schedule change or any kind of cancellation then you need to fill out the refund form and complete the other following details like the Seat selection, extra baggage, Upgrading, Lounge access, WIFI services, and Priority Boarding.
  • The No show and rebooking fees will be waived once only. In case there is any change in the prices or the taxes as one is going for rebooking then those charges have to be paid by the customers.
  • Rerouting is allowed but taking all the changes into consideration.
  • There is no need to call us as we will keep the ticket in the open status in case you want to rebook it.
Ethiopian Airlines wheelchair assistance

Airlines recommend that one should make their special services request like the wheelchair requirement at the time of ticket booking so that airlines get the needed information. Though while doing the Ethiopian Airlines wheelchair assistance, they don’t need the details of the disability. It’s just for the convenience of the customers as the more we know the more we can help.

In case a passenger contacts an Ethiopian about his disability of not being able to use the website then in such case the airlines offer them web-based fares and don’t even charge a fee if they want to make a reservation on phone.

Thus, to book the wheelchair or any other special need thing just go to the website and select the special request at the time of booking online. Give the full information of the passenger in the given section. Once you have completed the form you can all to our office to include the wheelchair.

Thus, Ethiopian airlines are the best of the airlines with discounted prices and comfort in your journey. The process of booking and cancellation is very simple and people love it because of its fast services.