Croatia Airlines Refund Policy

Croatia Airlines is a major Airline in Croatia. The airline serves a range of both domestic as well as international flights. Croatia Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy which provides flexibility and benefits to a great extent to the passengers.

Croatia Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

According to Croatia Airlines Cancellation Policy, passengers can cancel their flight 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure without paying any penalty. Croatia Airlines would provide a full refund if the booking was made a week before departure. There is no refund provided for reward tickets.

If any passenger cancels the flight after 24 hours and delays further, they are liable to pay some penalty depending on the type of ticket and the destination covered.

Refund Policy of Croatia Airlines

The refund Policy of Croatia Airlines is completely customer-friendly. The company takes 10 days to get your refund back to your account. The refund can be in vouchers or cash transferred to your bank account. If the flight is canceled from the airline's end, then the passenger will get a complete refund of their investment.

The passenger will also get a refund if they cancel the flight before 24 hours. If the flight is canceled due to covid, then the passenger will get a complete or partial refund. A full refund is given if the passenger has a premium flight membership. To avoid Cancellation fees, there should be a gap of 7 days between the booking and the cancellation of the flight.


Can a Croatia Airlines Flight be canceled within 24 hours?

Yes absolutely. A Croatia Airlines flight can be canceled within 24 hours. If cancellation is made within 24 hours, the extra penalty is not charged regardless of the fare selected.

What happens if a passenger cancels a non-refundable ticket?

The passenger will be required to pay fare differences. The fare will depend on the length of the flight, passengers’ destination, and the type of fare. The remaining fare is credited to the account or in the form of a travel voucher.

How can a passenger cancel their flight?

Canceling flights on Croatia Airlines is not too difficult. Passenger can cancel their flight online through their mobile devices. To cancel a ticket via call, a passenger can call Croatia Airlines Reservations Department and can clear all their doubts. Passengers can also cancel their ticket at the airport by approaching the Croatia Airlines ATO. The professionals over there will help the passengers clear their queries.

Can the Airlines refuse to give funds?

Yes, the Airlines can refuse to give funds. If the refund application or form is submitted after the validity of the ticket expires.

How will a passenger be informed if there are irregularities in the flight?

The airline will promptly inform their passengers about irregularities through the contact information given during ticket purchase. The passengers will receive notifications in e-mail as well.