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Colombia is recognized for its excellent coffee, lush tropical jungles, and beautiful coastlines. It is located primarily in northwest South America, with minor regions in Central America. It is the only South American country with both a Pacific and a Caribbean Sea border. Just because of its magnificent museums and distinctive historical attractions, Bogotá, Colombia's capital, attracts a large number of tourists every year. The llanos, the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, the Andean and Amazon regions, the Coffee Triangle region (El Bosque del Saman, Pereira, Armenia, and Manizales sectors), and the deserts of La Guajira are all part of Colombia's diverse topography and biodiversity. The varied landscape of the country provides opportunities for adventure and fun. Its stunning coral reefs and trekking paths make it a sanctuary for daring hikers and scuba divers. Some last minute flights deals can help you arrange to tour Colombia even if you reckon about it at the last moment.

The best way to get there

Fly to Colombia with prominent international airlines such as Air Canada, Vistara, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air India, and others, which offer numerous weekly connections from India to Colombia. The El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá is Colombia's main airport, having excellent connections to other regions of the world. This airport is around 15 kilometers from the city center and is easily accessible by public transportation. Enjoy fantastic in-flight amenities such as in-flight entertainment, in-flight periodicals, tasty entrees, and more, which are given by various airlines.

When is the best time to visit Colombia?

Colombia's lowlands (Caribbean region) have a tropical climate all year, whereas the mountains (Andean region) endure frigid evenings. From December through March, when the days are sunny and there is no rain, is the best time to visit Colombia. It's the ideal way to experience the country's coffee-growing areas, charming communities, and stunning beaches. Festivals such as Christmas and the Hay

Literary Festival are also worth attending. Since it is the peak tourist season, make your plans well in advance.

Find the best airfare deals for Cheap flight tickets :

Those looking for low-budget Colombia airline flights should book their tickets far ahead of time. Travelers can save a lot of money if they prepare ahead and make good use of their time. Rewards points can be utilized to achieve Columbia flight discounts. One can go to Colombia without paying real money by using points acquired on previous flights. An adventurer should merely hunt for an airline reward program after which he or she can earn points each time they travel. The lowest one-way flight to Colombia is $50, while the cheapest round-trip flight costs $146. Further, the inexpensive round-trip airline ticket found on many routes is around $240.There are several flights under $200 from the United States to Colombia. The lowest flight booking can be with Avianca for $143 but expect to pay at least $149. Keep an eye out for deals from Viva Air Colombia and Spirit Airlines, since both may transport you from the United States to Colombia for a low price.

Additional Information

Flying into Bogota El Dorado Airport (BOG), Colombia's capital city, is convenient because it is located in the country's center and is ideal for exploring Cundinamarca's department as well as the nearby provinces of Tolima and Meta. Santa Marta Simon Bolivar Airport (SMR) serves the departments of La Guajira, Magdalena, and Cesar, whereas Cartagena Rafael Nunez Airport (CTG) serves Bolivar, Sucre, and Cordoba. Putumayo, Caquetá, and Amazonas are the three departments that run along Colombia's southern border and are hundreds of kilometers from the nearest airport in Bogota. Fortunately, regional hubs like Putumayo Airport (PYO), Gustavo Paredes Airport (FLA) near Florencio, Caquetá, and Vasquez Cobo Airport (LET) in Leticia, Amazonas, provide connecting flights from the city. You'll need to take a connecting flight from Bogota Airport to explore the departments along Colombia's eastern border.

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  • To see the best airline fares, use private browsing mode, as cookies in your browser tend to scare you with greater prices for the destinations you look for frequently.
  • Investigate the prices. Continually compare air fares.
  • Budget airlines can save you a lot of money instead of going for tickets with extra frills.
  • Rather than flying nonstop, book a connecting flight. It will allow you to see a new city before arriving at your final destination while also saving you money!
  • To get the best prices on Flights tickets to Colombia, book at least 5 weeks in advance.


Remember, you'll normally obtain a better rate if you fly to Colombia early in the week. Tuesday is typically the cheapest day to fly, followed by Monday. Give Saturdays a wide berth if you want to avoid the most expensive flights.