Houston to London Flights

London is a bustling city located on the bank of the Thames. With its impressive history of being an important city and the capital of the United Kingdom for centuries, this city maintains its position as one of the world’s leading cities.

The city is home to people from all over the world of different ethnicities. The town remains an important centre of finance and commerce. The city is highly influential in terms of art, culture and fashion. The city is also known for its centres of higher education and research. Prestigious institutions in this city include the London School of Economics, the Imperial College, and the University College. The Royal Palace and the Fortress of the Tower of London is a popular tourist destination of London. It is a historic castle built during the Norman Conquest under the rule of William the Conqueror. The tower has borne witness to executions and arrests of the royalty and aristocracy of England.

Another popular tourist spot in London is the Kew Gardens. The sprawling gardens are beautiful and lush. They house a library, a herbarium and multiple unique plants of various origins. To get cheap flights to London, travellers should get tickets as quickly as possible, as flights are available at prices lower than usual. Getting tickets during autumn and spring is a good idea, as domestic and international travellers tend to avoid these seasons. The month of August is the low season due to the rainy weather. Airlines offer special offers and discounts during such times.

Travel Guide for Flights from Houston to London

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When to Book Flights from Houston to London?

The best time to get Houston to London flights is the summer. The months of May, June and July are warm and dry, allowing travellers to explore the city and enjoy the beauty it has to offer. The early part of the summer, namely May, also sees fewer visitors as school vacations have yet to start.

Which Airlines Fly from Houston to London?

Airlines which provide nonstop flights from Houston to London are included in the list below:

Airport Near London

London is a large and busy city. Consequently, it is served by multiple airports. The names of the airports which receive flights from Houston to London are given below:

  • Heathrow Airport in Hillingdon caters to travellers to and from West London.
  • Gatwick Airport, located in West Sussex, serves the southern part of the city and is the best connected of the group.
  • London Stansted Airport is located in Essex and serves the northeastern part of the city. It serves the most significant number of international travellers.
  • London City Airport is located in Newham and mainly serves eastern London
  • Luton Airport serves the northern part of the city from its location in Bedfordshire
  • London Southend Airport is the smallest of the group and serves eastern London.

Nonstop Airlines to Fly from Houston to London

Airlines providing nonstop flights from Houston to London include British Airways and United Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian and Brussels Airlines. The latter four jointly provide multiple nonstop flights from Houston to London. To book a seat on these flights, travellers can go to the official websites or apps of any of these airlines, such as the Lufthansa Airlines booking app Lufthansa.


1. What is the quickest flight from Atlanta to London?

The quickest Atlanta to London flights are provided jointly by Delta and Virgin Atlantic Airlines. They take 8 hours and 25 minutes to complete their journey.

2. What is the quickest flight from Houston to London?

The quickest flight from Houston to London takes 9 hours and 15 minutes. Faresmatch is an online platform that helps customers get the cheapest deals and discounts on flights like these.

3. What is a hotel with cheap rooms in London?

A cheap hotel in London is the Crown. Faresmatch helps you find hotels like these at affordable rates.

4. What is the meaning of the name London?

The name London comes from ancient words and has an unclear meaning. There have been multiple stories surrounding its origin, the oldest of which credits the name to be a tribute to King Lud, who once ruled the area.

5. Are there multiple cities within London?

Yes. There are two different cities in London, along with some other boroughs.