Find cheap flights to Memphis to Bogota

Are you planning your trip to Bogota this year with your family? You are on the correct site, as FaresMatch will help you find the cheapest flights to Bogota from Memphis. Like every year, it is obvious that Memphis residents are going to purchase tickets with the same desire to tour Bogota, Columbia. However, the issue is finding cheap tickets. Below you will learn how to get cheap airline reservation from Memphis to Bogota.

Best Flight Deals

Many flight finder applications offer you fantastic offers over airplane tickets. The FaresMatch website makes the process of booking a flight more straightforward. It locates the most convenient and comfortable flights for all travelers. They provide you with the best airfare deals and promotions all year long.

The following are some of the most well-known flight offers from Memphis to Bogota:

  • American Airlines has flights that cost around $558.00 and last for about a day.
  • Spirit Airlines You can travel within a day on a Spirit Airlines aircraft for about $622.00.
  • Frontier Airlines: The flight takes about 22 hours and costs $773 per person.
  • United Airlines: This elegant and established airline requires one to complete a roundtrip, costing approximately $421.00 per journey.

Popular places to visit in Bogota

Bogota is a place of heritage and culture and everyone should visit this place at least once in their lifetime to enjoy the beauty of this place. Several affordable airline options are available for visitors to this melting pot of cultures and the modern world. Therefore, remember these locations before book flights:

Golden museum (Museo del Oro) Over 5,000 tourists come to this museum each year, making it one of the most popular destinations in Colombia’s capital city of Bogota. It is renowned for preserving essential metals, stones, pottery, shells, and famous gold.

Mount Monastery People from various nations frequently travel to Monserrat and the hill where it is situated throughout the year.

Bolivar Plaza The most significant square in the Bogota area is bordered by several government buildings, a few palaces, and Columbia’s biggest church.

Best time to fly from Memphis to Bogota

  • To fly from Memphis to Bogota, various flights are on different days. But Wednesday flights are the most expensive according to various leading platforms.
  • The month of March is the most appropriate time while flying from Memphis to Bogota, with ticket rates from low to high. During this period, the availability of cheap fare compare to other period.
  • Compared to the morning schedules, the evening time is most appropriate for traveling from Memphis to Bogota. It ensures low fares compared to daytime.
  • However, one should always search about the destination and the deals available for flights at any time of the year.

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