Information of KLM Star Alliance

Alliance is one of the major aspect for the people before considering the booking of any airline. Do you know about the airline alliance information of KLM Airlines? What is the airline alliance of KLM Airlines? Is it SkyTeam or Star? Some passengers are looking for the information of KLM Star Alliance because they think KLM is the member of Star Alliance but that’s not true. KLM is the member of SkyTeam & SkyTeam Cargo Airline Alliance. Thus, if you are also thinking that KLM is the member of Star Alliance then you are wrong because this airline the member of SkyTeam Airline Alliance.

Frequent Flyer Program of KLM Airlines:

Miles earning programs are also gaining too much popularity in the passengers because they are thinking to earn the rewards and miles points by joining the FFP of the airline. Therefore, we can say that Flying Blue is the Frequent Flyer Program of the KLM Airlines. If you are thinking to earn the points and rewards by choosing the KLM Airlines Reservations then you can also join the Flying Blue.

Parent Company of KLM Airlines:

One more information that is also important for the KLM Airlines is about the parent company of the airline. Which is the parent company of KLM Airlines? Well, Air France is the Parent Company of the KLM Airlines. Therefore, this is all about the truth of KLM Star Alliance and with this you can easily understand that KLM is not the member of Star Alliance and SkyTeam is the airline alliance of the KLM Flights.