Airfare Watchdog

Airfare Watchdog is a travel website and app specializing in finding and sharing information on cheap flights, hotel deals, and other travel-related bargains. The site was founded in 1998 and is currently owned by Expedia Group. In the past several years, it has grown into one of the most trusted and reliable resources for millions of travelers who need to save money on flights, hotels, and other travel expenses.

Services you get while using Airfare Watchdog

Airfare Deals

Airfare Watchdog's team of experts scours the web to find the best airfare deals and shares them with users. The site frequently features hidden and under-advertised deals, which can result in significant savings for travelers.

Hotel Deals

You can find various accommodation options on the site, including budget-friendly and luxury options.

Vacation Packages

Airfare Watchdog also offers information on vacation packages, including flights, hotels, and activities. Travelers can save time and money by bundling all their travel needs into one package.

Search Filters

The site's search filters are incredibly useful, allowing users to search for flights based on various criteria such as price, destination, and airline. Users can also set up alerts for specific routes or destinations to stay up-to-date with the newest offers.

User-Friendly Interface

Airfare Watchdog's website is designed with usability, making it easy for travelers to find the best deals quickly and easily. A great resource for novice travelers, the site also offers helpful information on finding the best travel deals.

Customer Support

Airfare Watchdog offers a comprehensive FAQ section that covers everything from booking to cancellation policies. Users can contact customer support via email or telephone for further questions.

Standout Features of Airfare Watchdog

One of the unique features of Airfare Watchdog is that it focuses on finding "hidden" deals that are not popular. The website uses a team of experts to search for the best airfare deals and allows users to set up alerts for specific routes or destinations. It means that users can stay up-to-date with the latest deals and never miss out on a great offer. Airfare Watchdog is a travel website that stands out for its transparency.

It provides clear and concise information on airline fees, which is rare in the travel industry. This information is particularly useful for travelers new to air travel and may need to become more familiar with the various fees associated with booking a flight. The site also offers tips on finding the best travel deals and navigating the often-confusing world of airline pricing and fees. This information is particularly useful for travelers who are new to the world of air travel and may need to become more familiar with the various fees associated with booking a flight.

Airfare Watchdog is a one-stop shop for travelers looking to save money. Its range of services, search filters, transparency, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent resource for all types of travelers. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, Airfare Watchdog is an excellent resource to help you find the best travel deals.


How does Airfare Watchdog ensure the accuracy of its flight and hotel information?

Airfare Watchdog uses a mix of manual and automated searches to provide reliable flight and hotel info. Experts manually verify deals before posting, and advanced technology tracks pricing trends for up-to-date info. It is very strict in maintaining the accuracy of information.

Can Airfare Watchdog help users find last-minute travel deals?

Airfare Watchdog can assist users in finding last-minute travel deals. The website has a "Today's Top Fares" section that features some of the best last-minute travel deals available. Users can also set up alerts for specific routes or destinations to be notified of last-minute deals as they become available.

What is Airfare Watchdog's cancellation policy?

Airfare Watchdog is a flight search engine that collects deals from various airlines and online travel agencies. Therefore, its cancellation policy depends on the policies of the airline or travel agency you book through.

Does Airfare Watchdog have a mobile app?

Yes, Airfare Watchdog has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. Some of the features of the Airfare Watchdog app include Flight deal alerts, Fare tracking, Customizable search options, Flight booking, Travel tips and advice, and Personalized user experience.

Can I Book Vacation Packages through Airfare Watchdog?

No, Airfare Watchdog does not provide vacation packages. Airfare Watchdog is a flight search engine specializing in finding cheap tickets and providing users with alerts and recommendations on cheap flight deals.

What day is airfare the cheapest in Airfare Watchdog?

Studies, including one conducted by, suggest that the cheapest days to buy airfare are usually a Tuesday or Wednesday, while Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive. However, these are just general trends and not hard and fast rules.

Will I get Spam mail if I sign up for Airfare Watchdog?

Airfare Watchdog has a strict privacy policy and will not share your email address or other personal information with third-party companies for marketing purposes. Signing up for Airfare Watchdog will unlikely result in an influx of spam emails. The site takes measures to protect your privacy and ensure that you only receive the notifications you requested.

Do airfare watchdogs sell travel products or services?

No, Airfare Watchdog does not sell travel products or services. It is primarily a flight search engine that helps users find cheap airfares and provides alerts and recommendations on flight deals.

Do we guarantee to get the offers from the Airfare Watchdog site?

As a flight search engine, Airfare Watchdog provides users with information on the best airfare deals available at any given time. However, they do not sell the tickets themselves, nor do they guarantee that users will be able to purchase the fares they find on the site.

Can I use the site for commercial purposes?

Airfare Watchdog primarily intends for personal, non-commercial use, and their terms of use prohibit the use of the site for any commercial purposes without prior written permission from the company.