Booking Buddy

When planning a vacation, travelers must consider many things, including cheap flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. Hence, having a tool that can easily compare the prices of these services on different websites and help travelers book these services is a great advantage. Booking Buddy does just that.

At, travelers can choose from various services, including airline tickets, car rentals, and hotels. Being a child company of its parent Tripadvisor, Booking Buddy inherits all the excellent features and a lot more. So, if you are looking forward to planning a vacation or going on a long trip, look no further; Booking Buddy has got you covered.

Reasons why Booking Buddy is so handy

When travelers search hundreds of websites for their desired price, it becomes quite a hurdle. A good comparison tool that finds the best price for them is the best way to solve this problem. Using Booking Buddy, users can grab the best prices on flight deals and travel services and choose from various services that fit their needs.

  • Booking Buddy provides a lot of different service providers so that users can find countless options for one given service.
  • There’s an option to set alerts on the prices of different services so that users can get notified as soon as there is a price drop.
  • The user interface of Booking Buddy is very convenient and lets the users choose their services without any hassle. They are instantly greeted with a small form that asks for their service details, and upon filling it up, users can view and compare the prices of their desired services.

Booking Buddy is there for you around the clock

Booking Buddy’s customer service is quite remarkable, and their agents are available 24/7 for the needs of their customers. There are various ways to contact customer service, like phone, email, live chat, or even one-on-one sessions with their agents. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the best services possible and will even walk them through all the different processes involved in booking their favorite services.

They even have a dedicated FAQ section on their website that features some of the most common and essential questions the users may ask. Booking Buddy also features a rewards program that provides its customers with guaranteed benefits upon booking services from its website.

Enjoy a cruise trip from Booking Buddy

Apart from flights, hotels, and car rentals, Booking Buddy also provides a unique option to book cruises from anywhere in the world. Users simply have to fill up their details after navigating to the "Cruise" section of the homepage of Booking Buddy and press "Search" to find and compare the best deals from some of the best cruise companies out there.

Holland America, Celestyal, Cunard, and Disney are some of the well-renowned cruise companies on Booking Buddy. Users can also select the length of the cruise they want, thus making their dream cruise come true.

Make your trips affordable with Vacation Packages

Booking Buddy has a very convenient feature of vacation packages where users can select bundles of deals on hotels and flights together. Usually, when booking a vacation, users must choose hotels, flights, and cars separately. But with a vacation package, they can select all these services at once, which helps them save a lot of money that would have been spent on processing fees. This is a valuable feature of Booking Buddy, making it easier for travelers to get cheap tickets.


Is Booking Buddy free to use?

Yes, Booking Buddy is free to use. However, the prices shown on the website are not set by Booking Buddy. They are strictly decided by the service providers based on their deals and discounts.

How to use Booking Buddy?

Booking Buddy is straightforward to use and requires no previous experience. Users can simply visit the homepage of Booking Buddy and fill in their service details. The site will automatically direct the users through the process and discover their required services.

Can I book directly through Booking Buddy?

Booking Buddy doesn't allow the direct booking of services since they do not provide them; rather, they source the prices and deals of the services from different service providers and let the users compare amongst those.

Is Booking Buddy reliable?

Booking Buddy is a reputable travel search engine that searches multiple travel booking websites to find the best prices for your travel needs. However, it is always recommended to check the terms and conditions of the relevant travel booking website before making a booking.

Does Booking Buddy offer insurance?

No, Booking Buddy doesn't offer any travel insurance; rather, travelers looking for insurance are advised to check the same on the website of the service provider they are choosing. Booking Buddy only helps users to compare and select the best services available. Hence, they cannot offer any travel insurance for the same.

Can I cancel my bookings on Booking Buddy?

Booking Buddy showcases or helps compare the deals and offers from different websites directly on their site; hence they cannot cancel or change any booking that the user might have made on a different website under a separate service provider.

Are there any fees associated with Booking Buddy?

No, Booking Buddy does not charge any extra fees for its services. It is a free website and hence is available to all. People can use its services for free, choose and compare what travel services they want and pay directly to the service provider; no intermediate charges are required.

How to reach out to Booking Buddy in case of any problem?

Booking Buddy provides many ways for its customers to reach out to them. They have their email, telephone number, and other direct methods to contact them. However, users are recommended to contact the service provider directly in case of any booking-related issues.

Does Booking Buddy offer any rewards or loyalty programs?

No, Booking Buddy does not offer any direct rewards or loyalty programs. Users can earn rewards or points from the travel provider they book with, depending on their policies. Hence, those who are looking for discounts must make sure that they choose the right service provider.

Can I book hotels and rental cars through Booking Buddy?

Yes, Booking Buddy also allows users to search for hotels and rental cars and compare prices from various service providers. Users can enter their travel dates and destinations, and then Booking Buddy will show them a list of available options with prices from different providers.