Since its founding in 2004, Kayak has had a long history in the travel industry. It is one of the top flight, hotel, car, and vacation package search tool and is free for everyone. Travelers often spend hundreds of hours and waste a lot of labor surfing through various websites to find their ideal travel service choice.

Kayak provides a very comprehensive and easy-to-use interface where users can search through hundreds of different services with more than one service provider for each service. They can compare the prices, the facilities and the ease of access of each one and decide which service is the best for them. Kayak is undoubtedly one of the handiest travel service websites out there.

What makes Kayak so convenient?

Users no longer have to look for cheap flights and airplane tickets through hundreds of websites. They have one wholesome website where they can compare the prices from top service providers and choose the service they want to pick:

  • Comprehensive Search: Kayak searches through over 700 travel websites to bring users the best flight deals and discounts on other services. There are a lot of different filters, too, that help users narrow down their search and find the ideal deal that fits their budget.
  • Setting Price Alerts: Keeping track of all the deals and discounts on a website often becomes quite a headache. To combat this, Kayak allows its users to bookmark services of their choice and get notified every time the price of that service falls.
  • A convenient mobile app: Kayak has a mobile app to enable users to compare and find their favorite services and service providers anywhere, anytime.

Kayak- Engaging Interface

The official site of Kayak offers its users a very simple and convenient interface to search among hundreds of different services. It is also very easy to start your search on kayak.com. On the homepage, users will be greeted with a search bar and a few travel details they must fill out to start the search.

Once done, Kayak will automatically find all the available services according to the filters and details the user has provided. The website layout is pretty simple, with the services, namely Flights, Hotels, and Car Rentals, placed at the left of the screen along with some other details. The latest deals and trending services are displayed in the middle of the screen, either in a listed format or a cascading format. Overall, users will find it easy to navigate this website and find their ideal deals.

Car rentals and cheap hotels are also available

Flight Deals are just one thing that Kayak helps customers find. There are numerous other services that travelers can compare using Kayak, including Car Rentals and Hotels. There are over ten different classes of cars available in the car rental, starting from Economy class all the way up to Luxury class, all with different price ranges. When searching for hotels, the options are endless, with several different filters available for the customers to find the ideal hotel they want to stay in.

Kayak for Business

Unlike other travel service providers, Kayak has a business travel section where people wanting to get more out of it can visit. It is a set of features added to the basic Kayak website, giving travelers more power and floe over their travel searches. Kayak for Business is the premium version of Kayak, mostly built for people owning businesses or professionals. Several other websites are like this, but nothing compares to Kayak’s latest and most refined searching algorithms.


How does Kayak work?

Kayak works based on its algorithm, which searches through hundreds of different websites and brings out all the prices of selected services on those websites so that the user can choose among the best and decide which one they want to pick.

Does Kayak charge any fees?

No, Kayak does not charge any fees for its services. It is a simple tool to compare fares and search for different travel services and their prices. Hence, the service providers charge the fees when the users try to book those services, not before that.

How is Kayak’s customer service?

Kayak has all-rounder customer service with active agents helping out customers around the clock. They also have a dedicated FAQ section on their website where users can find out the answers to the most common and important questions that come to their minds.

Does Kayak provide cancellations or refunds?

Being a travel search engine, Kayak does not handle any transactions. Hence, it cannot handle any refunds or cancellations regarding the same. The users are advised to check the website of the service provider they choose to verify whether they have refunds or cancellations.

Does Kayak provide flight bookings?

Kayak searches hundreds of websites to find the best deals for their customers according to their preferences. However, users cannot book their flights directly from Kayak since it is only a travel search engine. They will have to visit the website of the service provider from Kayak.

Does Kayak offer vacation packages?

Yes, Kayak helps users find great deals on vacation and travel packages. Often users have to book hotels, flights, and cars separately, which takes up a lot of money. But, having a vacation package is a great way to save on their vacation.

Can I book cars on Kayak?

Yes, Kayak offers its users the facility to browse several different classes of cars with varying fees depending on the location and other filters they choose. Once selected, Kayak will redirect the users to the specified service provider’s website for booking.

Are hotels available on Kayak?

Yes, Kayak also has hotel bookings on their list. Users can search among hundreds of different hotels, flats, apartments, and even luxury living complexes. There are several filters to find the best deals and the ideal place to live for travelers.

Is Kayak safe to use?

Yes, Kayak is entirely safe to use, and it is a legitimate website. The service is provided very transparently, and there are no hidden fees that users have to pay to get their travel deals. Kayak also doesn’t handle any transactions, so there are no fraud chances.

Does Kayak have a mobile app?

Kayak has a mobile app, and it is a great relief for the younger generation since they mostly like to book and travel using their smartphones. It is also an edge that Kayak has over other websites since, via a mobile app; they can further increase their business.