When it comes to traveling, be it international or domestic, the first thing that comes to every traveler's mind is the price and affordability. They spend hundreds of hours browsing through websites and apps to find the best plan to suit their budget. But there is a much simpler way - Since its launch in 2012, has provided its users with cheap flight deals from anywhere in the world.

It is designed so that once the users have entered their flight details, Kiwi's algorithm will automatically find the best deals for them. Kiwi also considers many factors while searching for flights, even ensuring that users can smoothly combine flights from different airlines to find their perfect route.

Features of that Attract Customers

Being one of a kind regarding online traveling services, Kiwi provides its customers with various convenient and attractive features. From flexible bookings to price alerts, Kiwi has everything in store for the convenience of the users:

  • Price alerts: Kiwi allows its users to set alerts on their favorite flights so that they get notified immediately when the price of that specific flight drops.
  • Price Guarantee: Kiwi has a price guarantee feature that ensures the users will find the lowest prices only on their website and nowhere else. If the users manage to find a lower price, their cheap tickets will be refunded by Kiwi.
  • The flexibility of Search: Kiwi provides its users with a convenient and flexible search policy that allows them to book their favorite flight deals and hotels on various dates.
  • Booking from different cities: Users can book flights from different airlines and different cities to find the most suitable route.

Cars Rentals are on the checklist too

Kiwi’s services are not limited to Cheap Airlines reservations; they provide users with other travel services like car rentals, making them the all-in-one online travel agency for the users. Customers can search for the car they need by entering their destination and travel dates.

After entering this information, customers can filter their search results by car size, type, and price. Kiwi also allows users to pick different add-on services like roadside assistance, GPS, and more. Kiwi provides car rental services from top brands like Hertz, Avis, Europcar, etc., ensuring customers get the best experience possible.

Choose from a variety of Hotels and Resorts

After cheap flights and cars, Kiwi's services continue. One of their major attractions is the ability to choose from various rooms, hotels, resorts, and villas for users to stay, enabling users to fare compares. Users can find their favorite places to stay by navigating to the “Rooms” section of the official Kiwi site and choosing from one of the four categories - Hotels, Apartments, Resorts, and Villas.

Their website's “Rooms” section also features the latest and most exciting deals on well-known hotels in exotic locations like Japan, Budapest, etc. Users can also search by location, and Kiwi will automatically find all the available places to stay in and around that location. They also have a lot of different filters, like the number of people, number of rooms, indoor and outdoor features, etc., that help the customers find their ideal place to stay in their favorite location.


How does Kiwi provide travel services at such low costs?

Kiwi has an intelligent algorithm that runs through over 700 different websites and finds the best deals according to the customers' needs. Apart from the algorithm, Kiwi also provides their services in different bundles, as exclusive offers and through different attractive features helping to compare fares. This lowers the prices considerably.

Does Kiwi have good customer service?

Kiwi's customer service is remarkable; their service agents are friendly and helpful. They are available around the clock and help the customers with their problems. The website of Kiwi also has a live chat option where the customers can connect directly with an agent and sort out their problems.

What are the cancellation policies of Kiwi?

Kiwi allows customers to cancel their flights and bookings and get a full refund of the amount they spent. Customers can reach out to the Kiwi team from their account and request a refund for cancellation. They instantly look into the matter, and if the booking fulfills all the criteria for a refund, the customer will get refunded.

What can passengers expect from com and their app? provide their passengers with the opportunity to have easy access to their travel destination's one-touch feature. With the help of their app, passengers can access hidden features and special offers, including download boarding passes, one-click booking, exclusive offers, and trip notifications.

Do you know about the guarantee?

Now this site will provide their passengers with unique paid-for service they will offer to protect their customers in case they cause changes or cancellations. This also happens to cover any customer who is cheated and rescheduled by more than 24 hours, delayed leading to remaining connection, and if their baggage is delayed,

Is covid-19 friendly?

The site guarantees its customers an unforgettable experience. They will best offer their customers an alternative or refund if the situation arises. However, due to the pandemic situation, they might not be able to cover if there is a high number of cancellations at that time; however, these site guarantees that they always try to provide an alternative ternary or a full refund or an assisted refund.

What if any customer needs to add the guarantee?

Then the site will only provide that customer with paid alternatives or refunds according to their policies. With the guarantee, the site will offer the customer an assisted refund which means they will receive a refund for the airline tickets on their behalf.

However, passengers note that they might not always get a refund since most airlines do not provide any monetary compensation period policies, which differ from airline to airline, so they are advised to check the policy of a flight deal before booking.

Can passengers cancel their trips?

Travelers can cancel their trip up to 48 hours before its scheduled departure. However, the refunded value of their flight deals will depend on the form of their payment.

Within how many days is the refund refunded?

If a refund is possible for any passengers, then the site will expect it within 3 to 6 and, and always check their refund status by logging account using the site or many there you are and clicking refund, and they can take note of it.

What about check-in services? provides their customers with an online checking service for their flight period. The customer applies their details in advance. Then the airline will automatically start checking the passenger in and get their boarding pass. If any do not at the details before the 24 of the departure, they will need to check indirectly with the airline. Moreover, Airlines may also charge up to €55 per passenger. Therefore the site advises customers to take free online checking.