Everything you need to know before traveling to Croatia

Everything you need to know before traveling to Croatia

Planning a trip to Croatia is overwhelming. This small Mediterranean country boasts some of the world's most beautiful and pure coastlines, quaint historic villages, delectable food, and spectacular national parks. This comprehensive article about Croatia is jam-packed with practical advice to Explore Croatia and how to make your holiday stress free and enjoyable.

How do you get to Croatia?

There are no direct flights from India to Zagreb, Croatia's capital. However, book a flight to Croatia from London, which is the common layover for most international flights. The primary international airlines that serve the area are British Airways, Air France, Air India, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, and Jet Airways. The Franjo Tudjman Airport in Zagreb is one of the country's major airports. The major city is well-served by airport buses and trams. The country's other major airports are Split and Dubrovnik. British Airways and Air France have the cheapest flights from India.

To find cheap flights to Croatia for your next vacation, compare fare from hundreds of major travel agencies and airlines. Whether you're going to Croatia for business or pleasure, whether you're traveling alone, with friends, or with your entire family, always have the finest flight tickets.

Things to know before travelling to Croatia

Book in Advance

Booking the cheap flights, activities, and lodgings in advance is the best way to go when organizing a trip to Croatia. Many services in Croatia are fully booked in the summer and close to being fully booked in the shoulder seasons, so you don't want to be stranded once you arrive. Because so many services are available online, making reservations ahead of time is simple.

Purchase a pair of swimming shoes

The majority of Croatia's beaches are stony or pebbly, making it difficult to enjoy in bare feet. Simply buy a pair of plastic swimming or neoprene shoes to safeguard your feet against sea urchins hiding beneath rocks and pebbles.

Don't drink and drive in public

The mayor of Hvar Town had had enough of dealing with inebriated tourists for years. The place began fining those who got drunk in 2017, public intoxication is not only frowned upon but also punishable by a fine of up to €700 (US$755). If you pass out and fall asleep in a public setting, such as a park seat, the same rules apply.

Carry Cash

While you may be able to rely on your credit cards at home, you'll need to bring some cash with you to Croatia. Many services are cash-only and prefer appropriately-sized notes, whether for tipping, dining out, or purchasing souvenirs. Kuna, the Croatian currency, is widely available at ATMs throughout the country, so don't stress about getting cash.

Embrace the bus

Croatian buses are clean, affordable, and a very efficient mode of transportation. You won't be allowed to wander off the established route, but if you don't have a driver's license or simply want a more hands-free journey, this is a great alternative. There are routes to all of the major hubs and destinations, and you can often book your journey on the day of departure (in the off-season, that is). Booking bus tickets at the terminals, rather than online, is the most convenient option.

Check the best time to visit Croatia

Croatia's varied geography accounts for its varying climatic conditions. The alpine climate prevails in hilly areas, whereas the Mediterranean climate prevails towards the shore. The months of October and November are when the country receives the most rain. The greatest time to visit Croatia is between May and June when the weather is mild and ideal for water sports.

Buy travel insurance

Whether you're visiting Croatia for a short trip or planning a longer stay, it's recommended to purchase Croatia travel insurance.


The open-air green and fish markets are popular among Croatians who enjoy shopping for fresh goods. These marketplaces may be found in every town in Croatia. As you explore local green markets, feel the pulse of the city and observe locals going about their daily lives.

Stay in a central location

It's impossible to see the entire country in a week. Croatia, no matter how little it appears, is a long country, stretching 700 kilometers from Umag in the northwest to Dubrovnik in the southeast. Furthermore, there are so many locations to visit in Croatia that it is impossible to see everything in a week or two. If you want to see more than one place when you visit Croatia then stay in a central location. Then go on day tours from your starting point.

Eat Local

After only a quick visit to Croatia, visitors get the biggest misperception about the country's cuisine. Many of the eateries are likewise highly touristic and uninteresting. Do you know those restaurants that provide spaghetti, pizza, grilled meat, and a fish plate?! For a better understanding, photographs of the plates you'll receive are advertised. At least once, try to eat at a restaurant popular with the locals. Authentic dishes there include Pasticada – a beef stew, Peka, Brodet, Hvarska gregada, Kremsnita, and Istarska jota that you must try.

Visit a national park

Croatia's national parks should be on your bucket list when it comes to the best places to visit. I'd even say that Croatia's parks are among the most beautiful in the world. You'll be in nature bliss between Krka National Park's pristine lakes, Plitvice Lakes' sky-high waterfalls, Mljet's verdant beauty, and Paklenica's spectacular canyons.

Learn about the ferry system

Taking the ferry is without a doubt the greatest way to get across Croatia's islands. Croatia has a well-developed ferry system that allows you to quickly travel between numerous islands. One of the most popular activities in this area is island hopping.

Must-buys in Croatia

Neckties were first invented in Croatia. Take some unique neckties home with you from your trip to the nation. Licitar hearts, chocolates, and Glagolitic keepsakes are other must-haves.