Services offered by Ethiopian Airlines

Services offered by Ethiopian Airlines

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Before you book a flight ticket, you must check the cancellation and policy of the airline, the procedure to book or cancel a flight, whom to approach if you need any modifications to the ticket, and most importantly the services offered by the airlines. And, if you have plans to book a business class or premium class seat, make sure you check in-flight services offered by the airline. You may also confirm if they offer additional services like ground services, lounges, in-flight entertainment, etc.

In the following article, you will read about the Ethiopian airline’s services. Next time, you book your flight tickets from Ethiopian airlines, make sure you inquire about the services as well.

Ethiopian Airlines Fare and Classes

The airline offers you economy class and business class services. The Ethiopian airlines business class is named Cloud Nine. If you travel with the Cloud Nine, you are provided with onboard amenities and a wide variety of reading material, sleeper seats, and on-demand Ethiopian airlines music and video services having 85 channels on 15.4-inch IFE screens.

If you travel with Ethiopian airlines economy class, you are provided with a variety of meals ranging from light snacks to hot dishes and amenities depending upon the length of the flight, reclining seats, and on-demand audio and video having 80 channels and 8.9-inches screens.

Ethiopian airlines food and beverages

In both, classes, the airline offers complimentary beverages and food onboard. Here, the food services include hot meals, hot or cold snacks, or light refreshments, depending on the length of the flight and the time of the day, assorted menus for passengers having special meal requirements, and special drinks at an extra cost.

In-flight entertainment

To keep yourself entertained, the in-flight services offered by Ethiopian Airlines provide you variety of reading material during the flight. Apart from this, the airline also provides you with on-demand audio and video services. You can enjoy your journey the way you want comfortably that you would want to travel with Ethiopian Airlines again and again.

Duty-free shopping

With the airline, you can also purchase duty-free products onboard. If your flight is departing from Addis Ababa & operating via Addis, you can shop in the Inflight Duty-Free shop till you have left 24 hours for departure.

All you have to do is browse the wide product range from perfumes, beauty, and skin care, jewelry, liquor, tech, travel accessories, watches, etc., add the product to the basket and check out. To confirm pre-order for onboard delivery, make sure you provide your flight details, destination, and flight date. Before you make the final payment, look for the various deals and offers that you can avail yourself of while making the purchase.

Finally, make the payment and finalize your order. While boarding the flight when you show your passport and boarding pass to the crew member, make sure to show them your confirmation number so that your order gets delivered directly to your seat.

Services at Ethiopian airlines airport

The airport

Addis Ababa is one of the most convenient and welcoming airports on the continent. The airport has arrival and departure halls for international and domestic passengers, a VIP salon, an airport security office, and a number of offices and desks for different airlines and airways. They also have customs, Immigration and Nationality Affairs Authority, airport customs office and counter, postal office, banks, duty-free, and other types of shops like jewelry, clothes, souvenirs, bars, and restaurants.

Transit services

If your connecting flight is over 8 and up to 24 hours and there is no immediate connecting flight to continue the journey, the interline desk will facilitate hotel accommodation. To avail of this service, make sure that you have a transit /entry visa.

In such a situation, you may choose to stay at the arrival hall and enjoy the cafes or book a hotel. There are hotels that have Hotel Contact Booths; they will also arrange for your cab or taxi rentals.

Frequent Flyer Program

The airline rewards its customers who fly with them often. You can earn this frequent flyer program with the airline called ShebaMiles and enjoy the benefits like extra baggage allowance, earn bonus miles every time you fly with the airline, and access to executive lounges at all Ethiopian Airlines departure airports, priority on check-in, guaranteed seats, advanced boarding, etc.

If you have kids in the family, you will be glad to know that the frequent flyer program is also available for kids. You or the guardian of the child can register with ShebaMiles from the age of 2 years and above using a valid email address that belongs to the parent/guardian.

Ethiopian Skylight Hotel Addis Ababa

Further, if you are particularly traveling for business, you can hospitality at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel Addis Ababa. The place has 373 comfortably modern rooms and suites spread over seven different room types to choose from. The rooms and suites offer a host of contemporary design features and essential comforts, including full Wi-Fi connectivity.

You may call a small meeting, conference, training seminar, corporate launch, cocktail party or team-building event, or gatherings of 5 up to conferences of 120, the hotel’s team will support you and ensure ace services.

Though the article contains each and every piece of information, if you need any further assistance, you may visit the official website of the airlines. You may also contact Faresmatch to help you book a flight ticket with Ethiopian airlines; our agents will bargain with the airline to help you get the best services and economical rates.