The first-timers travel guide - Things to do in Mexico City

The first-timers travel guide - Things to do in Mexico City

Mexico is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The city is on the wish list of many travellers. The adventures and thrill provided by the city are of another level. The best time to visit Mexico is from November to March since the weather conditions are also fine and the airlines provide cheap tickets. You can always hire a Mexico travel guide to get the most out of your vacation.

Visiting and exploring the house where Frida Kahlo lived and died

You will find a small abode in Mexico now, the Frida Kahlo museum. She was born here, lived her entire life and died in the same place. The Museum safeguards the most cherished works of art by Frida. Some of them are Viva la Vida and Frida y su cesárea. The Museum is also home to the artist's diary, clothes and bed.

If you are interested in Frida's art and story, this Museum is worth a visit. You will have a nice experience inside the house and exploring numerous photographs and personal items.

Visit the artisanal market

According to Mexico travel guide 2022, the artisanal market is 50 years old, and at every step to the market, an array of colours unfolds. Dive into the shelves of skulls, jugs, jaguar heads made with black mud, wood or with a Huichol decoration. You can also find traditional games, baskets made of leaf palms, saddlery, vases, pots and Talavera plates.

Replicas of prehispanic pieces of art are also displayed. The Artesania available in the country's tourist hotspots is easily available here in the market. Therefore the market is the best place to buy traditional Mexican handicrafts without travelling to Oaxaca or Chihuahua.

Watch the sunrise from the 65m tall Revolution Monument

Your dream to get a 360-degree view of Mexico City and sunrise is now fulfilled. You can now see the sunrise from the highest point of the Revolution Monument. The height is 65 metres.

The tour to the Monument includes coffee and pastry to help you get the energy to climb the Monument to admire the city's emblematic buildings like the Fronton Mexico, the Opera House, and the Chopo University Museum. The tour might take 2 hours so try to bring comfortable shoes and a coat. Take your time and go to explore the Revolution Monument.

Marveling at the murals in the Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts displays enormous works of art that defined an era and placed Mexican muralism on the global art scene. You will also come across the eclectic and impressive architecture. Murals from Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Rufino Tamayo, Roberto Montenegro and Manuel Rodriguez Lozano are there to explore.

There are also exhibition halls for sculpture and painting. The Palace of Fine Arts is also home to the National Museum of Architecture and the National Theatre. The Palace is 571 square miles big. The Palace is one of the most popular and frequented destinations and is visited by around 10,000 tourists weekly.

Explore the Little Venice in the middle of Mexico City

Xochimilco was considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The neighbourhoods are full of tradition and culture and have respect for nature. The place is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico City. You can float through the canals in traditional Trajinera boats. The place is perfect for Mexico vacation for families.

During your tour, you might come across boats with mariachis players, 'ranchero' trios and marimbas who will offer you to play some songs and make the evening more fun. Try to visit the Island of Dolls.

The place is an eerie plot of land where dolls are hung from the trees. The creation of the Island of Dolls is attributed to Julian Santana Barrera, who is said to have used the dolls to scare away the spirit of a girl. Sounds eerie, right? It would be best if you explored this place.

Explore the Museums at night

Look around the exhibitions in the city's cultural hotspots on the last Wednesday of every month. The Museum Night concept takes place every month in Mexico City. In other cities, it happens sporadically. The Museum offers guided visits, tours, workshops, concerts and other activities held at night.

The programme includes concerts, films, screenings, guided tours, and hands-on workshops. The Museum has a disseminating heritage and attracts audiences to its artistic and cultural venues. Forty venues participate and sometimes even more. Most of the activities provided by the Museum are free. Hence try to keep your Wednesday free and visit the Museum Night.

Walk among the prehispanic deities

The Templo Mayor is a popular place to learn about Hispanic history. While visiting the museum site, you will encounter the great Tenochtitlan's important temple. Nearly 7000 remains are found there. It would be best if you discovered the largest Mexican sculpture that has ever been found.

The sculpture includes the polychrome relief of the Goddess of the Earth known as Tlaltecuhtli. While exploring, you might also stumble upon a large circular monolith representing the Moon Goddess, Coyolxauhqui. Hence lovers of history are going to love this place for sure.

Explore the Foro Sol during Vive Latino

Vive Latino is the most anticipated event in Mexico. Every year people of all ages from every state come together in the Foro Sol. The people enjoy the two days dedicated to cinema, music and art. The music festival is the longest-running festival in the city of Mexico.

The Mesón del Cid restaurant is a must-have spot for a medieval-style dinner and magic show. The restaurant is in the style of a castle with dark varnishes and coloured stained glass windows and has many stories to tell. Saturdays are the medieval nights in the restaurant.

These were some of the best places to visit and the best things to do in Mexico. Try to book a flight in advance to get cheap flight deals from the airlines. Cheap flights are also available in various flight finder apps. You can Book flight in advance to get best deals.

Try to compare fares from different apps and choose the best one for you. Some effort and some tricks are needed to get fair flight deals. Enjoy your days in the city of Mexico to the fullest and capture all the moments so you can cherish them in the future.