Find Cheap Flights to Virginia

Searching for an urgent getaway? FaresMatch is here to save plenty of money on airline tickets. When booking cheap flights to Virginia online, FaresMatch is here to do all the work. The site is always searching for the most affordable deals to save you tons on your Virginia airfares. FaresMatch will guide you to find the cheapest tickets, whether it is for a family getaway, a romantic trip, or another. Besides finding airline tickets, FaresMatch does a lot more. Through FaresMatch, you will be updated on fare promotions, and you will also find cheap flights. But before, let's know a little about Virginia. Virginia is officially named the Commonwealth of Virginia and is situated in the South Atlantic region of the United States.

Virginia was nicknamed the 'Old Dominion' since it was the first colonial possession established in mainland British America. The capital of Virginia is Richmond. The largest city in this state is Virginia Beach. You will get a touch of history in every place you visit in Virginia. The mountains of Virginia are one of the best places for hiking and doing exciting outdoor sports. The long golden beaches in Virginia are the number one attraction during the summer months. In Virginia, you will come across several festivals and events all year round. The best event in Virginia is the Virginia International Tattoo. This is celebrated in late April in Norfolk. A majority of tourists book their airline tickets to Virginia for this festival. You are also recommended to be a part of this festival. Hurry up and book plane tickets to Virginia.

How to Book Cheap Flights to Virginia?

In order to find the best deals for the airline tickets booking you must know about the fact that Virginia is the beautiful city for the travel goals and in this city, you can plan your excursion without any doubt for the memorable vacation’s goals. The main question came in the mind of flyers is about the how to book Cheap Flights to Virginia? When you are also looking for the answer of this question then it is the right place for you because at the fares match you can always read about some tips and hacks.

When to Fly to Virginia?

Regarding weather, the best time tourists can book their flights to Virginia is between March and May or between September and November. These months are ideal since the temperatures are mild and not too extreme. Airfares tend to spike during peak times. Therefore, you are advised to book in advance to get cheap tickets to Virginia.

Airlines Flying to Virginia

Allegiant Air

Booking your Allegiant flights too early or late can get you higher prices. Therefore, to create a perfect balance, the airlines recommend passengers book their flights to Virginia Beach around 6-8 weeks in advance to get the best price.

Delta Airlines

Try to book cheaper tickets to Virginia during the shoulder season or during the middle of the week. This includes Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Know About Cheapest Virginia Month for Flight Booking

Cheapest month for the booking of Virginia Flights is March. It is the lowest airfare-based month because in this month crowd is quite less for the flyers and that’s why they can save money on the booking of Cheap Flights for Virginia travel. Cheapest flying month is actually important for the passengers because they are always thinking to manage the tickets booking in a cheap cost.

Nearest Airports to Virginia and Nonstop Flights to Virginia

The airport closest to Virginia is Lynchburg (LYH) Airport, which is 41.4 miles away. Some other nearby airports include Richmond (RIC), which is 69.4 miles; Charlottesville (CHO), which is 70.7 miles; Raleigh/Durham (RDU), which is 88.2 miles; and Greensboro/High Point (GSO), which is 107.2 miles away. When it comes to nonstop flights, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, United Flights, Allegiant Air, and Frontier Airlines offer direct flights to Virginia from the United States.


1. What is so special about Virginia?

Virginia is famous for its beautiful sandy coasts. You can tour estates, beautiful gardens, and other places throughout the state. Also, in this state, you can wine and dine at over 200 breweries and more than 300 wineries.

2. When are flights to Virginia cheap?

The price of airline tickets to Virginia fluctuates all the time. This depends on the day of the week or the month of the year you choose to fly. You will get hold of the cheapest round-trip flights to Virginia Beach during March.

3. How many days are enough in Virginia, as per FaresMatch?

Spending one week in Virginia Itinerary will take you on a seven-day tour to various historical sites across the state. You can perform multiple activities, from hiking to battlefields and wine tasting.

4. Name a Major regional airport in Virginia.

The Manassas Regional Airport (HEF) allows travelers to fly on their own schedule without the troubles of a commercial airport.

5. Can we book cars with FaresMatch?

Yes, you can book cars with FaresMatch. FaresMatch now lets you hire cars at the most affordable price. Tour the city of Virginia with utmost comfort with FaresMatch.