Volaris Airlines Flights Baggage Information Sheet

The second-largest airline in Mexico is a low-cost carrier called Volaris. Although it does operate some flights to a few US cities, the majority of its itineraries are within Mexico. The airline has also recently increased its service to/from destinations in and around Central America, including Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. In addition to lifting prices on flights between the US and Central America, Volaris has also implemented new luggage surcharges for flights to/from Central America. Knowing the baggage allowance is a very important concern for flyers each time when they decide to fly. Hence, we at FaresMatch will inform you about the latest information on Volaris baggage guides here. You'll get to know about carry-ons, checked, as well as other options too, so continue reading.

Carry-on Bags

Volaris permits one piece of carry-on luggage, with a weight restriction of 10kg (22lbs). You can also bring one personal item with you, such as a briefcase or pocketbook. The combined weight of the two goods cannot be greater than 10kg/22 lbs. While ticket booking, you can add a second carry-on bag with a 10kg/22 lbs allowance. The airline will charge you an additional $24 to $28 for this.

Checked Bags

The Volaris Vuela Basic prices do not include any complimentary checked baggage. You'll have to pay $25–$27 (for domestic flights) or up to USD 55 (for flights to/from Central America) to bring your first bag. Be aware that buying your bag when you make your reservation will be far less expensive than doing so later. Even at the airport, prices will almost certainly increase. Furthermore, if you intend to bring extra baggage, look into the Volaris "Extra Baggage Combination." It offers both a checked bag and an extra carry-on bag weighing 10 kg for a price comparable to a typical checked bag. But the catch here is that only at the time of booking, however, is this combination available for purchase.

Excess Bags Rule

Each additional bag on domestic flights will cost you $25–$27, or even more if you purchase it after booking your reservation. Whereas, additional luggage on international flights will cost you between $38 and $43 apiece. You may bring a total of four more bags. Furthermore, for overweight luggage weighing 26–35 kg, Volaris charges a fixed rate of $80-$90. It will be more cost-effective to divide your luggage into 2 separate bags that each weights less than 25kg maximum. This is since heavier bags for like 36-45 kg would incur a tax of $180-$190. Again here you should consider the Extra Baggage Combination. It combines increased carry-on weight, a checked bag, and a piece of sporting equipment for a single price if you are traveling with sporting equipment.

Baggage for Infants

Use the baggage system that this airline has put up for travelers who are traveling with their newborns or babies. It is important to make sure the infant is at least 7 days old before flying with them. Moreover, you may have to carry car seats for travel on both domestic and foreign routes.

Pets bags

On Volaris, pets can join their owners that are 18 years of age or older. You'll have to bring them as checked baggage if flying in a cabin. The pet must ride under the seat with the flier in place during traveling. Furthermore, when traveling in the cabin or cargo of an aircraft, pets should not weigh more than 45 kilograms.

Sports or Musical instruments

This Mexican airline will accept various musical and sporting instruments as special baggage. You can bring the instruments as carry-ons or check them as luggage. The maximum weight and total linear inch measurement for items in checked luggage are 55 pounds. Whereas they must be under 22 pounds and 12.99 x 15.74 x 22.44 inches to qualify as carry-on luggage. Additionally, you may get to bring personal items, including equipment for skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, golf, hoverboards, bicycles, and archery, in the majority of Volaris cabin classes.

Prohibited Items details

Some products are safe to bring on board airplanes and some are not. So, aerolíneas Volaris forbids certain items for the crew and passengers' safety. Knives, scissors, hammers, e-cigarettes, lithium batteries, and other similar things may be on this list. Firearms, Chemicals, lighters, and Pesticides are prohibited items too.


What is Volaris' basic baggage ruling?

Basic luggage on Volaris is limited to one carry-on and one personal bag that is 14 x 18 x 8 inches in size. You may also bring one 23-kilogram checked bag on a Volaris flight.

What are the baggage fees on Volaris?

You must be ready to pay between $20-$35 and between $40-$50 to Volaris. These prices are for domestic flights and international flights respectively.

Are perishable goods allowed on Volaris flights?

Yes, on the Volaris, you can bring perishable food. However, you can't check items like vegetables, fish, liquids, etc so you must bring them on board as carry-ons. According to Volaris's regulation on checked baggage, travelers may bring them in proper food box containers.

How many ounces of liquid can you bring on the Volaris plane?

According to Volaris' carry-on policy, passengers may bring 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces of liquid on board. Note that the airline may not permit carrying liquids larger than this.

Can I take additional baggage after checking in at Volaris?

Once you check in at Volaris, you are free to bring along more luggage or add them at your convenience. Nevertheless, Volaris may assess a luggage fee to you. The route and cabin class that you choose may affect these costs.