Flight Cancellation & Refund Process of Southwest Airlines

Flight Cancellation & Refund Process of Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States that has served 121 destinations within the US and ten additional countries. The airline is known for offering a competitive price for flight tickets that are affordable for passengers. You can also book flight tickets from southwest airline and save extra on your travel. But before you make the booking, make sure you read the cancellation and refund process of southwest airlines, like how to cancel the flight, terms and conditions, if you will be eligible for a refund, etc.

If you haven't read about it, now is the time. Let's discuss Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy refund policy, and airline flights in the following blog.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your flight tickets within 24 hours of booking the tickets from the official website or mobile app. However, this policy doesn't apply on complimentary and wanna get away tickets. On southwest airlines, wanna getaway tickets mean the cheapest airline tickets and tickets with the greatest deals. Also, cancellation is possible only if you have booked tickets seven days before the date of travel.

If you cancel a Southwest airlines flight ticket from the website, you can convert the refund into travel credits. The refund amount will take at least two billing cycles to reflect your account.

If you cancel your flight ticket via mobile app, you will receive a confirmation of canceling the flight on your registered mail and phone. Followed by this, you can request a refund via original payment mode or reuse the ticket by converting travel fund into travel credits.

You may use these travel credits when you book a flight from Southwest airlines in the future. You may also cancel your flight at the airport counter. But make sure that cancellation is ten minutes before the departure of the scheduled flight.

For non-refundable tickets: If you have non-refundable tickets, you may reuse the travel fund when you book a Southwest airline flight ticket in the future.

Cancellation fee: If you booked wanna getaway flight tickets, the cancellation fee for the same is 200 USD per person. In case you fail to cancel the wanna getaway tickets and it turned out as a no show, it will not be permitted by the airlines. For anytime tickets, the cancellation fee is 150 USD per person. On Southwest Airlines, anytime tickets mean you can change your ticket anytime without penalty. The cancellation for business class is 125 USD per person and in case of no show, you will end up paying 125 USD and an additional 75 USD. Similar to other airlines, Southwest also allows you to cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of booking without any cancellation fee.

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

Once you have canceled your refundable Flight Ticket of Southwest Airlines, you can get the refund in the original payment mode. Apart from the refund, you may convert the same to a travel fund to be used in the future while booking flight tickets from southwest airlines.

In case of non-refundable, if you cancel the tickets within 24 hours, the refund gets converted into travel credits that you may use later on while booking a flight ticket from southwest airlines. Whereas in business class tickets, if you fail to cancel the ticket ten minutes before the departure, the refund will automatically get converted to travel credit.

Eligibility for refund with Southwest Airlines

According to the refund policy, only anytime and business class tickets are refundable and you are eligible to receive a cash refund; while want a getaway tickets can only be reused in the future.

Similarly, non-refundable tickets are also reused in the future within a period of twelve months.

How to follow Southwest Airlines Refund Policy?

If you are requesting a refund from the official website, you can choose the mode of payment to receive the refund. On the other hand, you may call on 1-800-435-9792 the toll-free number of Southwest Airlines, and follow the instructions over the call. Make sure you have your travel details handy to confirm your booking number, travel date, time, etc. You need to select the do not pay option from the voice menu so that the customer care executive notifies your call.

Another way to raise a refund on Southwest Airlines is to write a refund letter to Southwest Airlines, Refund Department, P.O. Box No. 36649, Dallas Texas, 752351649. If you wish to write a refund letter, ensure that your letter contains details of unused tickets that act as proof that you booked tickets from the airlines and the booking confirmation number.

Things to keep in mind for Southwest Airlines Cancellation

  • In Southwest Airlines, booking class, fare type and time period, etc. are some of the factors that determine the cancellation fee
  • Airline's cancellation fee also affects the baggage issues and seat selection charges, service fees, and other surcharges.
  • If you booked an international flight ticket, make sure you cancel it at least 8 hours before the scheduled departure. However, in the case of a domestic flight ticket, you may cancel it at least 5 hours prior.
  • If you or any of the family members are eligible for a complete refund due to severe sickness or the sudden demise of a family member. Also, if any child or any other member of the family falls ill, the entire family can cancel the flight tickets and are eligible for a complete refund.
  • If you cancel flight tickets for more than one person, make sure you cancel tickets for the other members simultaneously.

Southwest Airlines Flights has kept a transparent cancellation and refund policy for the hassle-free travel of the customers. Therefore, you can book flight tickets and experience the travel with the airline. If required, you may freely cancel the flight also without any chances of getting penalized. If you need any other information regarding the same, please call us on 1-800-918-3039.